New deadline for review applications

The deadline for new review applications for English stores will cut off on March 1, 2009. We have received too many applications from English stores and not enough for Japanese, therefore we need a balance. Please let your friends know to send me an application ASAP if they were planning to. Japanese, German, French, etc. still have the deadline of March 13, 2009.

If you have been invited already, the deadline to return "participant" notecard is still March 15, 2009. ^^


Places you might know

Some of you might not be familiar with our participating stores, or might not be aware that you are. It happens. There's a lot to see in SL, you just can't remember it all. With that in mind, I took a walk through a few of the locations you'll be hunting in, to give some of you a heads up and to refresh everyone else's memory. Walk with me, would you?
あなた方の何人かは、私たちの参加しているお店をよく知っていないかもしれないか、気づいていないかもしれません。 それは起こります。 SLでいろいろな事を見て、あなたはそのすべてを思い出すことができません。そのことを考慮に入れて、あなた方の何人かに有利なスタートを与えて、他の人皆の記憶をリフレッシュするために、あなたがハントの場所のいくつかを通って散歩します。 私と一緒に歩きませんか?

My first stop this morning was (L!). You know it's good when the first thing you see is swords. Who doesn't love a sword? Nobody, that's who.
今朝、私の最初に足を止めたのは(L!)でした。 あなたは、あなたが見る最初のものが刀であるときに、それが良いのを知っています。刀が好きじゃない人は誰?誰もいないでしょ。

Then I bounced into +YUZUKAMIYA+, where I was promptly distracted by kitties. Once I recovered my senses, I found really cute hair [and other stuff, but I love hair] for good prices.

Eventually I dragged myself away to Forbidden Apple, where I discovered clothes and accessories and a variety of fun things I have no doubt you'll want as much as I do.

Finally, I made my way to Zenith. I cannot say enough good things about Zenith. Check it out, I'm sure you'll love it, from the girly dresses to the comfy lounger, where I am curled up at this very moment.
最終的に、私はZenithへの道を作りました。 私はZenithに関して十分な良いことを言うことができません。 それを調べてください、そして、私はあなたがそれがとても好きであることを確信しています。少女のドレスから気持ちのよいのラウンジまで。私は今この瞬間に打ちのめされました。

More stores next time. For now, happy shopping!

Office desk search... Mission Complete!

Hello again, excited bunny hoppers,

As some of you store owners or friends might know, I (Cutey Magic) have been searching for an office desk for The Bunny Hop staff room for me to die on to no end. And today... a friend of mine gave me a notecard and landmark to the February hunt happening at Witchy Woman Designs. And to my surprise... it contained an office desk set! I ran there first thing I saw it! (Too bad it didn't have a dying on table animation XD)
あなた方お店のオーナーか何人かの友人が知るかもしれないように、私(Cutey Magic)はBunny Hopスタッフルームの事務机を死ぬまで捜し求めて終わりがないです。そして、今日… 私の友人はWitchy Woman Designsで起こる2月のハントへのノートカードとランドマークを私に与えました。そして、驚いたことにそれは、事務机一式を含みました!私は、直ちにそこへ走り、それを見ました!(残念ながらテーブルで死亡するアニメーションはありませんでした。 XD)

Here are some pictures of the desk set up at our current semi-empty staff room.

Everything (except the paper mess, skybox, and TV above) is from the February hunt in Witchy Woman Designs. The paper mess is generously donated by another one of our participating store, Grimalkin Workshop. ^^ The cute bunny outfit I am wearing is the hunt prize designed by :::LiNe::: (that you can get later, of course)!
すべて(ごちゃごちゃした書類、スカイボックス、およびテレビを除く)がWitchy Woman Designsで2月のハントから来ています。ごちゃごちゃした書類は、私たちの参加店のGrimalkin Workshopから気前よく寄贈されました。^^ 私が身につけているかわいいバニーの服は、:::LiNe:::によって設計されたハントの賞品です(もちろん、あなたもあとでゲットできますよ)!

Since I did not lay out everything, here is everything that you can get from this hunt (except for the girl):

I am so happy I finally found it that I invited Witchy Woman Designs to participate in part of our hunt. I cannot wait! :) Hurry up and get your office desk too before it turns into March!
私は私たちのハントに参加しているお店の一つWitchy Woman Designsで最終的にそれを見つけたのをうれしく思います。私は待つことができません! ^^3月に変わる前に、急いで事務机を手に入れてください!

Due to high volume...

Hello everyone,

If you are a store owner and have not received a response from us, please be patient. We have a very high volume of applications, and are reviewing them on first come first serve basis.

The selection is based on these follow categories:
1. quality
2. display
3. uniqueness/creativeness
4. variety
5. copyright infringement

We also do not accept clubs, studios, cafes, or resellers.

Though we do not have a limit of how many stores can participate, due to the fact we are providing support for stores in both English AND Japanese, it is very difficult to keep the participant list at a reasonable amount.

Although your store might be very nice, we might have declined because there is too many stores already participating with the same line of product. (For example, we already have too many clothing stores for females and accessories stores). In that case, it is much harder to be accepted. Please do not be offended if your store was rejected.

Thank you again.

Bunny Hop Staff







Bunny Hop Poster!

The poster is finally finished! Isn't it cute?!

Thank you to Cutie Honey's navina Waco for designing this cute poster!
看板のデザインがはりがとうございます、Cutie Honeyのナヴィナさん!

The Bunny Hop Introduction

Hello everyone. I am proudly presenting you a grid wide hunt for Easter called "The Bunny Hop". The hunt will take place from March 27 to April 19. English and Japanese stores are both invited in this hunt. I hope you will have fun!

The grid wide hunt is on invite only basis. If you wish for your store to join, please contact any reviewer staff for a notecard.

The Bunny Hop Group

Cutey Magic

こんにちは、皆さん。私は、「The Bunny Hop」と呼ばれている復活祭の間、あなたにグリッドハントを誇りをもって贈ります。ハントは、3月27日から4月19日まで行われます。イギリスと日本のお店が、両方このハントに招待されています。私は、あなたが楽しんでくれることを望みます!



Cutey Magic