Sunday, April 19, is the last day of The Bunny Hop. Hope you've had fun!

Shameless Gossipgirl of the SL Shameless Gossip blog modeling easterbunny lingerie set from Angelwing Fashion and hair by WAKA & Yuki.

Pink Elegance choker by Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry

Garden Party Tulips shoes by Ztique

Gothic goodness gifts - all for the hopping!

flush Flanagan is modeling a dress from Umi Usagi and a necklace from ChaosLotus.

The eggs are now easier to find for you procrastinators

Couldn't find all The Bunny Hop eggs? Most vendors have moved their eggs with the prizes inside right near the Bunny Hop signs. Get going and pick them up this weekend! And if you can't find an egg, remember the Bunny Hoppers group is there to help you.

Sapphire Jetaime of the SL Shameless Gossip blog wearing Hop gift dress from Fashion Bar Peppermint Blue and hair by LALA Moon

Grab this darling dress and hat

joro Aya, who also took this photo, is modeling a dress from Stuff and cap from Rosy Mood - more gifts from The Bunny Hop.

You only have until Sunday!

Cutey Magic, The Bunny Hop organizer, modeling the Pascale dress from MALT Fashions

Cutey's Bunny Hop necklace is by Ginza Jewelry Kohime
Cutey's hair is by WAKA & Yuki

Cutey is also wearing the Cherry Blossom nails by Love Soul.

Sweet sweet gift

Aileen Rieko modeling her Bunny Hop dress gift from Sweet Strawberry

Hurry to pick up these Bunny Hop gifts by April 19

moddishh GossipGirl of Modd.G wearing outfit from Modd.G, previously blogged hair from Hal*Hina, earrings from Violet Voltaire and Poring on head from El'n

Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel wearing Sad Bunny Avatar and Piggy Bun Bun (shoulder) from Pink Fuel

Radio Signals of Scribble wearing bubble pipe from Scribble and Daffodil hair from Magika

Cheering you on to finish the Bunny Hop

We know you can make it to the finish! On Easter just a very few of us got together to cheer you on. Remember, the Bunny Hop goes through April 19.

Pictured left to right in the front are moddishh GossipGirl of Modd.G, Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel, Radio Signals of Scribble, Cutey Magic, The Bunny Hop organizer, and blogger Sapphire Jetaime of SL Shameless Gossip (

In the back are Shameless Gossipgirl of SL Shameless Gossip (, joro Aya, flush Flanagan and Aileen Rieko of Sweet Strawberry.

Over the next few posts we will give you a closer view of the prizes shown in this shot. The backdrop itself is a wonderful prize from Leafy.


Dress and Easter Hat by Voo Doo Dolls
Location at Lazy Places

Anyone for salsa dancing?

Urban and edgy for Easter

Outfit, belt and boots from Gauze .

Get these stompers before they hop away

Boots by TigerClaw

Do you have these goodies from the bunny hop yet?

Dress by Ezura

Separately color-changing prim eyes by Kick

Thanks to joro Aya for modeling these fashions!

Accessories for every hopping bunny

Strawberry hat by Mingo! and Blooming Rust bracelet by Kosh.
Thanks to joro Aya for both modeling and taking the photographs.

Close-up of Blooming Rust bracelet by Kosh

We all live in a pink submarine

Wearable pink sub from [S2] STwo. It comes with a hud that enables you to dive and raise and lower the periscope as you patrol the waters off your sim!
[S2]sTwoから着用できるピンクの潜水艦。 それはあなたが潜ることを可能にし、


Cutey additional comments: this is a wearable!

Taking a break before getting back to the Bunny Hop

Outfit complete with sneakers and bangles from Fukmi Clothing and More
Talking water cooler: Vextra Messing Design Inc.
Fukmi Clothing and Moreからスニーカーを完備した服一式と腕輪
トーキングウォータークーラー:Vextra Messing Design Inc.

Thanks to joro Aya for photographing and modeling.

モデルになって写真を撮ってくれたのはjoro Ayaさんです。ありがとう。

Sweet chocolate Second Life dreams of the Bunny Hop

Gorgeous chocolate outfit complete with hat and boots (not shown) by Sugar
Chair by Aimesi Design
イスAimesi Design

Thanks to joro Aya for photograhing and modeling these Bunny Hop prizes.
これらのバニーホップの賞のモデルになって写真を撮ってくれたjoro Ayaに感謝します。

Reflections on the Second Life Bunny Hop

Skin, hair, dress, shoes and bangles from Liquid Candy. There is also a men's gift now shown.
Little pond from echt schniddig (You can remove the Easter decorations later if you like)
Huggy bear from Zenith
Liquid Candyから、スキン、髪、ドレス、靴そして腕輪。現在見せられている男性の贈り物もあります。
echt schniddig

Thanks to joro Aya for modeling and photographing these great Bunny Hop prizes!
これらの素晴らしいバニーホップの賞のモデルになって写真を撮ってくれたjoro Ayaに感謝します。

Living the Life on the Bunny Trail

Teacup bathtub by off-brand Furniture
Bunny costume in the photo above and below by LITTLE HEAVEN
off-brand Furnitureのティーカップの浴槽
上と下の写真のウサちゃんのコスチュームはLITTLE HEAVEN

Dark Comforts couch with poses by La Belle Vie
暗くて快適ポーズ付きソファーLa Belle Vie

Swinging in Style

Women's and men's outfits with prim belts from WoE. Thanks to Quest Hawks for modeling the men's gift.
WoEからプリムベルトのついた女性用と男性用の服一式。男性の贈り物のモデルはQuest Hawksさんです。ありがとう。

Thistle Spring Swing Set with flower garden from Thistle Homes
Thistle Homesから花壇に置かれたアザミバネブランコ

Thanks to Hammer Penucca for helping to model the poses.
手伝ってくれたモデルはHammer Penuccaさんです。ありがとう。

Exotically beautiful gifts

Bunny Hop Easter Kimono from Ancient Tree Kimono Shop
Ancient Tree Kimono Shopからバニーホップ復活祭の着物

Songbirds from Spikey Haired Dragon (SHD) and Bunny Hop Easter Pretties skin by Deviant Kitties
Spikey Haired Dragon (SHD)から鳴く鳥(ヤマガラ)Deviant Kittiesバニーホップ復活祭のスキン

More Bunny Hop fashions!

Sophisticated Blue outfit from Baiastice and red bunny dress and ears from Elsie Shop. Thanks to Shameless Gossipgirl for helping me model.
Baiasticeから洗練された青い服一式、そしてElsie Shopから赤いウサちゃんの服と耳。 モデルは Shameless Gossipgirl 手伝ってくれてありがとう。

Easter lilac eyes from Poetic Colors Eyes
Poetic Colors Eyesから復活祭のライラック色の目

Blowin' in the Wind to The Bunny Hop

Sweeter Than Candy unisex prize - Bob Dylan t-shirt and jeans (separate women's gift not shown)
Belt and bangles from the Dilly Dolls gift blogged earlier.
Uncanny Egg by Grimalkin Workshop in the color lilac foil (additional colors not shown)

Sweeter Than Candyユニセックスの賞-ボブ・ディランTシャツとジーンズ(女性の贈り物に分けられるとはみられない)
Dilly Dollsの贈り物から、より早くブログに書いたBeltと腕輪
Grimalkin Workshopによるライラック色のホイル(追加色は見られない)に入った不思議な卵

Ask the Uncanny Egg from Grimalkin Workshop a question, touch it, and it will answer you - like the 8-ball you had when you were a kid!
Grimalkin Workshopからの不思議な卵に質問して、それに触れてください。そうすれば、それは子供であったときにあなたが持っていた8ボールのようにあなたに答えるでしょう!

Going into orbit over The Bunny Hop

Personal flying saucer from Senries

Daffodil hair from Magika
I Love Bunnies outfit including belt and bracelets from Dilly Dolls
Megan Bunny Hop skin from Rockberry
Dilly Dollsから、うさぎが好きの服、ベルトとブレスレッドを含むの服一式

Heart hooped earrings from Iced (male gift not shown) and close-up of the Rockberry skin

Motivation to Keep on Hopping!

With 300+ stores in The Bunny Hop, I did not expect to want to keep ALL the prizes I found. But I have not only been delightfully surprised, but STUNNED by the extreme fantasticness (yes, I know that's not a word, but words just escape me I'm so thrilled) of the prizes in this Second Life hunt.
300以上の店がBunny Hopにあって、私は、私が見つけたすべての賞を保てるとは予想できませんでした。しかし、私は愉快に驚いているだけではなくて、このセカンドライフハントの極端で空想的な賞は目が点に成る。

So even if you rarely hunt, have given up hunts or have never hunted before, you will want to do this one. Here's just a few of the great gifts to be found.

From K's House Shop - W&B Sky House with the garden - 91 prims
K's House Shopより ・ 庭つきのW&B Sky House ・ 91プリム

A view in the garden of the W&B Sky House from K's House Shop. The pose is one from the Cute Poses minipack by Mela's.
K's House ShopよりのW&B Sky Houseの庭からの眺め。そのポーズは、Mela'sによるCute Poses minipackの1つです。

Outfit and specially made Cutey Magic bunny egg by TOAST! The egg opens and closes, and the bunny moves, and opens and shuts its eyes! The Priscilla hair I am wearing in corn blond is by Hal*Hina, and it also comes in almond. This is a view inside the house featured above.
服装と特製のCutey Magic bunny eggはTOAST!によるものです。卵は開閉して、そしてバニーは動いて、その瞳を開けたり閉めたりします!私がコーンブロンドでつけてるプリシラ髪はHal*Hinaで、そして、それもまたアーモンドに入ります。 これは上で特集された家の中の眺めです。

Still inside our Bunny Hop gift house from K's House Shop and wearing the TOAST! outfit and Hal*Hina hair, you can get a look at the oh-s0-darling pumps by Duh! They gave us both a black and white pair. Duh! also has some shoes for the guys, but they are not shown.
まだ私たちのバニーホップギフトの中には、家K's House Shop、そして身につける服TOAST! と髪Hal*Hinaがあり、あなたはoh-s0-darlingパンプスはDuh!を見ることができます。彼らは、私たちに黒と白のペアを与えました。Duh!もまた、見せれないないが男性用のいくつかの靴があります。