Cheering you on to finish the Bunny Hop

We know you can make it to the finish! On Easter just a very few of us got together to cheer you on. Remember, the Bunny Hop goes through April 19.

Pictured left to right in the front are moddishh GossipGirl of Modd.G, Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel, Radio Signals of Scribble, Cutey Magic, The Bunny Hop organizer, and blogger Sapphire Jetaime of SL Shameless Gossip (

In the back are Shameless Gossipgirl of SL Shameless Gossip (, joro Aya, flush Flanagan and Aileen Rieko of Sweet Strawberry.

Over the next few posts we will give you a closer view of the prizes shown in this shot. The backdrop itself is a wonderful prize from Leafy.