Headquarter is now open & more!

Hello bunnies, I am happy to announce that The Bunny Hop HQ is now OPEN! Please come visit! ^^ http://slurl.com/secondlife/aduchi%20momoyama/147/189/40
こんにちはバニーたち、私はThe Bunny Hop本部が現在OPENであると発表できて嬉しいです!訪問してください!^^ http://slurl.com/secondlife/aduchi%20momoyama/147/189/40

The headquarter is designed by the wonderful Jeter Jun of Umi Usagi, and provided by the very kind OdaNobunaga Vella of aduchi momoyama SIM. Thank you!! ^^ You can buy a copy of the building too! The Bunny Hop is a non-profit hunt and all staffs are working on a voluntary basis, so if you feel generous, please donate!!
本部は Umi Usagi の素晴らしい Jeter Jun によって設計されていて、aduchi momoyama SIMの非常に親切なOdaNobunaga Vellaによって提供されています。ありがとうございます!^^ あなたは、建物のコピーも買うことができます!Bunny Hopは非営利のハント組織です。そして、すべてのスタッフは自由意志に基づいて働いているので、あなたが気前がよいと感じるならば、寄付してください!!

You can click on the subscribe-o-matic too for important updates about this hunt and upcoming hunts!

The hunter's group is now open too for you excited bunnies that want to work together to find eggs! English, Japanese, and German language are welcomed! Copy and paste this into your chat window:

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