Strutting it at BareRose Haute Couture

BareRose is a Second Life institution - and for good reason. BareRose has some of the best made clothing in Second Life, and for a very, very good price. Usually there are also several colors included, which is like getting several outfits for free!

Participating in the Bunny Hop is BareRose Haute Couture, the high fashion arm of the enterprise. Above and below you see me wearing an outfit called Maia from this shop. (Included in this set were three additional colors!) As you can see in the photo below, Barerose makes clothing for both men and women.
バニーホップに参加しているBareRose Haute Coutureは、ハイファッションな企業です。私が着ている上下はこのお店のMaiaという服です。(このセットには追加で3色入ってます!)下の写真にあるように、BareRoseの服は男性向け女性向け両方あります。