Watch your step

When I stumbled into Scribble today, I was pleasantly surprised. Though I have been called to the lucky board many times, I had never been inside the store. The arrangement is pretty and whimsical and just plain fun. Our egg should hide very well here. =)

From there, I teleported over to On the Cover, which is a place I have explored many times, looking for just the right pose and usually finding it. Want to look [just the tiniest bit] like that model on the magazine? Look around, you just might find her here.
そこからOn the Coverへテレポートしました。ここは、私はちょうど良いポーズを探して何度か調査しました。そして、それを普通に見つけた場所です。(ほんの少しでも)雑誌のあのモデルのように見られたい?あたりを見まわしてください。ここで彼女を見つけられるかも。

I have to admit, I laugh every time I walk into Mixed Nuts. It's not my fault, the inventory is amusing. Neon scribbling, naughty lollipops, really, who wouldn't giggle?
Mixed Nutsに足を踏み入れる時はいつも笑ってしまいます。私の責任じゃないですよ、品揃えがおもしろいのです。ネオンで書いたもの、いたずらなキャンディー、ね、クスクス笑っちゃうでしょ?

Hal*Hina is another I had not been to until today. My friends tell me it's sacrilege and having had the experience I agree. When I made my way there, I had to nudge a path through the doors. It is clearly loved. Go check it out.

Now, what can I say about Blue Blood? If you go for the Gothic [don't we all, sometimes] this is the store for you. It has selections for men and women and is one of two places I've seen that make really pretty ballet boots. The store is huge, so if you haven't been, now would be a good time to have a peek at your hunting grounds.
さて、Blue Bloodはなんて言えばいいのでしょう。あなたがゴシックを狙ってるのなら(時々、みんなはそうしない?)このお店はぴったりです。男性向け女性向け両方選べますし、私が今まで見た中ですばらしいバレエブーツを作る2つの店の中の1つです。お店はとても広いので、行ったことがないなら、今ハントの下見に覗きに行ってはどうでしょう。

Having just HAD a peek at some of the hunting grounds, I am going to have a snack. Good night!